The men  you see in the pictures above are Chattanooga  residents who have been engaged in a unique and innovative program from Impact1.  Teaching life skills, light construction skills, and mentoring we partner with men like this as they seek to achieve their next significant educational, vocational or personal life goal.



  • Decks and Fencing 
  • Porches and Ramps
  • Siding
  • Custom Closets 
  • Ceramic tile
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Laminate floors
  • Storage sheds
  • Bed frames
  • Other Estimates

Impact1! reaches out to motivated Chattanooga residents, regardless of their background.  Our graduates learn about their God-design through Dr. David Banks' "PATH To Success" life skills curriculum.  They also experience a hands-on success model through the construction skills led by Wayne Moody.

 Many of our participants have a criminal background, but our graduates have proven that they are more than their records.  Most of our graduates have worked on Impact1! construction projects.  Some of them are holding down full- or part-time jobs.  Some have engaged in their own businesses, improved their relationships, or cleared legal hurdles.

We've seen some miracles among our participants.  And Impact1! graduates become partners with us, always blessing us and often helping and encouraging each other.  What a privilege God has given us to serve alongside them!


Wayne Moody, who envisioned the Impact1 ! program, leads the construction skills class, and was a pastor and businessman for over 25 years



Dr. David Banks, pastor of The Empowerment Church, president of Noble Success, LLC, professional speaker, life coach, and vocational coach leads the life skills program he developed: “PATH To Success”.

  • Administer 7 weeks of faith-based training in life skills and light construction skills​ 
  • Provide long-term mentoring, plus vocational coaching and employment assistance

Run the race in such a way as to win the prize!